NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Community Health Assessment

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It is imperative to have a complete Community Health Assessment to provide the necessary healthcare services to meet the community’s needs. Kiper and Geist (2020) posit that nurse leaders working in such environments can only effectively allocate resources if they thoroughly understand the environment. One strategy that can be used to collect the social determinants of health and information about the community’s health is the windshield survey (Brock et al., 2020). The Jordan, Minnesota, situated in the Vila Health system, requires an environmental review and virtual windshield survey to establish more vividly the detailed particularities of the health care requirements and concerns. Its primary significance lies in paving the way for specific action plans that can be recommended to control morbidity and mortality effectively.

Executive Summary

  • General Condition and Public Health Needs

The windshield survey of Jordan, Minnesota, is completed with a list of general observations that enable an understanding of the community’s overall condition and future needs from the public health perspective. The survey encompassed many aspects of communities, including housing, transport, environment, and safety, as described in Appendix Table 1. These areas are considered relevant to the survey as they extend a colossal impact on the health rate of the community (Capella University, 2023). As updated by the United States Census Bureau for the year 2021, Jordan has been stated to be populated by 6,777 people with a median age of 31. People of color and ethnicity make up 7 % of the city, while white people are 93% of the total population. There are less than 1% Hispanic or Latino of Cuban and Mexican origin, 3% Black or African Americans, and less than half a percent of Asians, as per the U. S. Census Bureau (n. d. ).

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2 Community Health Assessment

The town is in central Minnesota, more precisely in the rural area. It is known for having a lower class standard than the newly developing neighborhoods around the town’s boundaries. Nevertheless, there are some community health outlets that the residents can access: St. Francis Health Services, clinics, and centers that offer emergency medical services. The community also comprises eral parks and recreational facilities, a freedom park among some neighborhood organizations, and a Jordan Area Food Shelf that supports the needy. Churches, schools, and other small businesses around the area also contribute to the additional support individuals living in the region can obtain (Capella University, 2023).

Based on the view of the community, there are several strengths and some ways that need to be changed or improved regarding public health. Another aspect of a Commua nity Education advantage is the accessibility of different ANC facilities and the relatively clean environment, with clean streets and smooth sidewalks for exercise (Capella University, 2023). Furthermore, for individual citizens, there are community organizations and resources that citizens can access, such as Oak Terrace Senior Living, which caters to elderly persons (Capella University, 2023). Again, it encompasses services offered by local healthcare facilities such as Primary care clinics in Scott County, MN, which mainly act as the First point of contact for meeting the person’s basic prevailing health needs (Data USA, n. d. ).

  • Limitations and Safety Concerns

To avoid anything related to violence when in Jordan, Minnesota, it is advisable to refrain from visiting places that are either associated with high rates of crime or where gang-related incidences are likely to be experienced. One must know about the traffic and other cars and vehicles on the street, pedestrians, and animals that may run across your car. Despite the insights of this windshield survey, research should use other methods to gather more data on this community’s socioeconomic and health conditions. Some of the assumed achievements of the community government include the Community crime map and Code Red system in case of any dangers that might affect the residents of the community (Jordan, 2013, p. 8).

Environmental Analysis

This makes the population health of a community easily vulnerable to changes in different aspects of the environment. As indicated in the Health and Environmental Survey of Jordan, Minnesota, some environmental factors impacting people’s health include the following.

  • Key Health Issues

Air quality: Jordan’s air quality is still significantly depleted today. The State of the Air Report 2021 by the American Lung Association shows that Scott County is not among the cleanest counties for ozone air pollution. This happens due to respiratory ailments, asthma flare-ups, and the danger of heart diseases, to which high ozone levels contribute (State of the Air, n.d.).

Water quality: Waterborne diseases affect individuals through gastrointestinal diseases affecting the stomach and bowels, dermatological diseases affecting the skin, and, in some cases, cancer. The study conducted by EWG on the Jordanian water supply established that the contaminants were high and included nitrates (EWG, n.d.).

Access to healthy food: The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) also reveals that Jordanians only have access to a few fresh and nutritious foods (Department of Health, 2019). This can result in weight gain and health issues like Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Opportunities

Green spaces: Jordan has parks where people can engage in sports and recreation (source: Capella University, 2023). According to earlier discoveries, nature can enhance the health of the mind, decrease stress levels, and increase physical activity.

Community initiatives: Jordan has several interventions to support healthy lifestyles and eliminate health inequality. For instance, the Jordan Area Food Shelf offers good food for people in the Jordan Area. At the same time, Jordan Community Education is curriculum-based and includes conversations on health, exercise, nutrition, etc. (Capella University, 2023).

  • Threats

Climate change: Various ailments associated with climate change include heat stress, respiratory diseases, and waterborne diseases. As we know, Minnesota has already experienced extreme events like floods and heat waves, and such changes should be expected in the future (Holbeck R., 2021).

Environmental pollutants: This is especially obvious when dealing with pesticides, lead, and various chemicals commonly found in the environment. There are several industrial zones in Scott County where pollutants or gases are let off in the air or emitted to water sources that could harm the health of people living around those areas (Scott County I. P., 2021).

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 2

Social Determinants of Health

A prime cross-cutting area that defines health, and therefore the overall welfare of individuals, families, and communities, is the determinants of health, which include access to health, education, housing, and employment. However, the living conditions in Jordan’s Downtown Area Neighborhood are inadequate, and the socioeconomic level is low (Capella University, 2023). Jordan City in Minnesota falls under the poverty line index of 14. Depending on the nature of the health problem, the number of people affected ranges from 6 percent of the population of a particular country up to half of that population (US Census Bureau, n.d d. ). This also implies that the few architectures of places of worship that exist do not span across minorities; this is a discrimination area that needs to be resolved.

Increasing the literacy level of adults in the community and providing them with additional access to technologies and resources can alter perceptions and beliefs in the community. Economic development also means more jobs and new ventures that improve the social milieu of the area involved (Capella University, 2023).

They need to maintain cultural appropriateness when interacting with the elderly while accommodating changes in the cultural norms that may occur with the aging of the community’s population. Thus, recognizing the opportunities to influence modification of the social determinants of health is crucial to guaranteeing a healthier and more prosperous future for the DANA’s residents in Jordan.


The windshield survey completed in Jordan, Minnesota, was a helpful clue to the general characteristics of the community, the health and environmental aspects common, and the social determinants of health, which are influential to the current health status of the people within the community. It also revealed some success stories and the aspects that must be changed in the community. Hypothesis: Improved health outcomes in the population, qualified healthcare practitioners can effectively implement specific health interventions.

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