NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2 Executive Summary to Administration

NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2

NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2

Administrative Executive Summary

All healthcare facilities, including Medical Institutions and several other healthcare organizations, use health information technology HIT to maintain the recorded patient data and reports. As such, in a description via informatics, people can share and deliver some of their information to their physicians (UCF Online, 2021). For patient therapy to be organized, the data has to be shared with several other doctors and other related professionals. This way, patients and physicians could use resources for statistics and information to enhance interactions that have never been seen before. This basically means that timely communication is central to the provision of adequate care. The information provided may help practitioners to integrate data from patients’ feedback along with their medical knowledge.

Strategic Outcomes through Informatics Model Solution

Experts use advanced nursing informatics to assist with essential activities such as diagnosis, formation of the health care map, prescription of drugs, and availability of information to patients (UCF Online, 2021). On average, healthcare specialists can have access to a statistically unreasonable number of figures, and to assist a patient, the doctor learns this very data. The chain of healthcare centers, together with biosciences companies equipped with present technologies, is also capable of handling huge volumes of confidential documents safely. An understanding of health informatics makes it easier for the clinical staff, patients, and their relatives to interact with one another since all the barriers to the delivery of health care are eliminated.

Researched Theory Or Models To Effect Change

In this case, healthcare informaticists recognize information that is helpful in the prevention of a healthcare problem in clients who are already a target group due to their immune deficiencies, in advocating for conformity to medication, in the organization of care among several specialists, and in other aspects of ensuring that the healthcare organizations adhere with the necessary information laws and regulations. The given types of quantified data and the ways of structuring and analyzing the data help to run the healthcare institutions and help physicians, nurses, and other medical workers, including administrators and other medical supporting staff. Purposeful, sophistically trained nurses who are interested in computer sciences look for a way to optimize clinical interventions while using data and consequent systemization (TigerConnect, 2020). Thus, this integration has positive effects on the patient’s health care.

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Standards of Practice

  • ​​Nursing informatics, it can be seen that it assists nurses in employing the best of the HIT techniques, such as software technologies. Experts can use nursing informatics expertise to:
  • Develop applications and databases that would be useful to the nurses.
  • Ensure that the use of e-health Records conforms to some of the general standards of data storage, analysis, and management.
  • Use the given data properly to assess and study to enhance the operating medical procedures of nursing.
  • helping to enhance the communication between IT and healthcare personnel
  • The following privacy rules should be instituted since they are part of laws and regulations
  • Clinicians should gain knowledge of how the systems that contain and oversee electronic health records function (McBride & Tietze, 2022).

NURS FPX 6410 Assessment 2

Regulatory Information Impacts The Use Of Health Information Technology

Nurses remain pivotal in advancing healthcare professions to society to enhance medical services, specifically regarding the integration of health information technology (HIT) (McBride & Tietze, 2022). The ‘‘Health Information Technology’’ empowers the USA to offer a clearly solidified framework as per the ACA for HIT, which improves the quality, efficiency, and inclusiveness of patients and provides information for the administration of the provision and cost of healthcare in the United States of America. HIT possesses the capability of assisting in the transformation of the system of healthcare delivery to something better and of higher efficiency. An update to the platform enables doctors and nurses to gather and report health information faster to the patient’s diagnoses (UCF Online, 2021).  However, HIT can positively outweigh the barriers and participate in the production and use of innovations while acknowledging that administrative and legal changes are necessary. It can also maintain the potential impact for HIT to be a catalyst for positive results and improve the level of patient care.

The Importance Of Creating A HIPAA-Compliant Spreadsheet

The most well-known legislation that integrates compliance with the law and medical data protection is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (Proofpoint, 2021). Because one has to protect personal and sensitive patient data, the healthcare industry, which comprises health facilities, insurers, and suppliers, is bound to follow the HIPAA compliance checklist (HIPAA Journal, 2018). Indeed, simple spreadsheets are an excellent way to store and organize vital health records in one place that is easy to access. Lot spreadsheets meet the HIPAA requirements, hence protecting and securing the information (Jotform, n. d. ).


Recollecting, storing, sorting, and analyzing data is a huge part of health informatics in assisting patients, physicians, and other healthcare users. Rules such as HIPAA and ACA, in particular, confine and restrict access to data, which, in effect, protect the data from tampering and spying. The technicality of Nursing Informatics and the advancement in health information technology have enabled actual medical practitioners to immense aid through which they can easily decipher results, which translates to the provision of improved health care to patients in the health care facility. These aspects help in allowing the medical staff, particularly nurses, to be productive at their work and, at the same time, contribute to the patients’ enhancement of health through proper and efficient care. Thus achieving the goal of nursing informatics.

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