MBA FPX 5002 Assessment 2 Graduate Program Planning Worksheet

MBA FPX 5002 Assessment 2

MBA FPX 5002 Assessment 2

Graduate Program Planning Worksheet

  • Part 1: Preparation

Name:  Student
Name of your Academic Coach:  
Email Address:  
Phone Number:  
  Yes No
Have you connected with your academic coach about your financial plan?
Have you connected with your academic coach to schedule your classes?
List the date you met with or plan to meet with your academic coach?

Part 2: Planning Your Degree

  • Section 1: Program Requirements

All Capella University graduate degree programs require a set number of core class credits, specialization class credits, and/or elective course credits. These courses are divided into three categories with total credit hours required for each category. To find information about the these requirements and courses, see the current University Catalog.

  • Section 2: Core/Required Courses

Certain psychology courses are required for a learner to be granted an MS in Psychology from Capella University. Starting with PSY5002 as the first course requirement, please list the classes required for the MS in Applied Psychology or MS in Clinical Psychology degree.

Core Classes Projected date to take at Capella or transfer in from another university

Section 3: Specialization Courses

In addition to the required courses listed in the table above, learners will take specialization courses. These specialization courses will be different depending on which MS psychology specialization you are enrolled in.

Degree Indicate your degree specialization in this column
MS Psychology
MS Clinical Psychology

Instructions: In the following table, indicate the specialization and/or elective classes you will take. To see the full list of your requirements, refer to the MS Psychology section in the current University Catalog.

Specialization Courses Projected date to take at Capella or transfer in from another college
Elective Courses (for Clinical Counseling) Projected date to take at Capella or transfer in from another college

MBA FPX 5002 Assessment 2 Graduate Program Planning Worksheet

Part 3: Reflections

In a full paragraph, describe what you will consider when you schedule your courses each term (mention at least three considerations).
Some of the things that I will consider when choosing my school will include a number of significant factors to ensure that I have the best experience in my school.First, it is important that I ensure the courses I opt for as my elective on the next level of study are in a close line to the specialization I have chosen for my degree. I shall opt to select content areas that are very relevant to my employment objectives as well as interest in the field of psychology. This connection is also going to benefit me by allowing me to gain more insights and enhance my skills in the areas that best help me in my job or profession. Second, I will consider how much work and time I will need for the certain course, trying at the same time to fill my schedule with the tiresome classes and leaving enough time for study and for completing the tasks. This plan will assist me in preventing them from becoming too overwhelmed about school and also maintain a manageable work load. Moreover, any proposals for the course sectioning will come into my consideration to ensure competent learning progression without skipping important foundations for future complexity. These things indicate my aim of having an understandable, coherent timetable for class, which in turn makes me cover much ground and do well in school in general.

Since you understand what they are, state more than three other sources or things that can help you with better choices concerning the given financial aids and classes.

This means that through financial aid office I will be informed on how much it costs to go to school through scholarships and grants, loans among other financial aids. The Academic Advising Office will assist you in the development of a reasonably structured course schedule, based on your aspirations, needs, and preferences by providing you with course information concerning pre-requisites, scheduling, and any other related matters which are of relevance in completion of your degree program.

There will also be assistance in the registration process, finding the courses, or accomplishing one’s academic objectives from the Registrar’s Office. This ensures that transition from one term to another is done harmoniously and ensuring all students are in compliance with university policies. I will also be able to use the course listing, programs, and other academic planning tools on the various online resources available for students of Capella University, among other tools. This will assist me in keeping informed and in turn making the right decisions for my education.

Based on what you learned in this activity, identify more than three offices or resources you can use to help make good decisions about financial aid and course scheduling.
College schedules or financial help will be judgments by me where different standards for the reliability of sites. Firstly, I will search for information on popular websites that could provide information, including Capella University Website as well the financial help groups Website. Such sites are considered by people offer them the most reliable information. Second, I will focus on the author and his expertise and the area he is concentrating on.
Based on what you’ve learned about the credibility of sources, how will you determine if the sources you find on financial aid or college scheduling are credible?
It is also permissible to employ dat from experts in the field such as financial aid administrators, academic advisors, and personnel from the universities of the targeted students. Third, the time is an indicator of when the information was posted, proving the sources to be accurate. In this way, I can be confident that the sources available are credible and reliable by making use of the above factors.
In a full paragraph, describe how critical thinking will help you select classes and plan to meet the requirements for your degree. Use the terminology from your readings on critical thinking.
It will be quite easy to understand how each of the courses offered relate to the degree program and major area of study using cognitive skills such as analysis and review. For the remainder of this unit I shall focus on a review of course names, learning outcomes, and course materials to determine the relevance of the courses to my career objectives. Also concerning the quality of sources and information about course offers I will rely on evidence-based decision making to guarantee that the courses I select are derived based on correct and accurate data (Leest & Wolbers, 2020). This, then, is a logical approach towards selecting courses and mapping a plan and would ensure that I have a balanced academic education so that I can achieve my degree objectives.
Think about the hours you will need for school based on your anticipated course load. Using what you learned in Week 2 about time management, in a full paragraph, describe what you will need to consider when managing your time and maintaining your life satisfaction.
Specifically, the things with which I will engage when I manage my time includes the following: Because of so much homework and most of which being time-consuming and difficult, I will have to be realistic and plan my time wisely to allow for learning, projects, tests, and coursework. The timetable will involve study sessions and provisional deadlines to avoid occurrences to cause havoc in the system. For the second course of action, I will prioritize my health and ensure that I get enough rest, have time for exercising, and even employing relaxation techniques at work. Thus, to maintain a good work-life balance and in general be happy with your life, it is possible to suggest the following suggestions: In addition to this, school duties also encompass learner personal matters (Bartlett et al. , 2021). Thus, I will consider schedules, to-do lists, and making goals as time management tools and methods to help me stay organized and be more productive on the way to accomplish my academic and personal objectives. By employing these approaches, it will therefore be my desire to excel academically and at the same time maintain my health status.
In the discussion this week, you created SMART goals as related to your graduate degree and career goals. In a brief paragraph discuss three SMART goals with timed steps for completing them.
The first personal objective is to ensure all the courses that are required for the completion of the degree in MS Psychology are completed in two years. So I intend to establish routines where a certain amount of time in the week will be spent on studying and I will also consult teachers whenever I am stuck. The second target is to get practical experience in the sphere of psychology through the job or volunteering with the next year. This I intend to do by researching and applying for internship programs and volunteering considering the specialization it offers. The final one is to develop a research paper and present it at the conference for psychology in the next three years at the latest. In doing this you have to select your research area and attempt to submit your chosen topic to a conference in the next three years.
In Week 3, you were introduced to the Writing Center. How could setting up an appointment with a Writing Center Tutor help you achieve your goals? How could setting up an appointment with a Career Center representative assist you with achieving your career goals?
By providing me with quick assistance/feedback on my writing and showing the availability of an appointment with a Writing Center Tutor, it looks as if making this appointment can go a long way into achieving the set objectives. Now that I am getting my MS in psychology, I will improve on my performance at school for this reason. This help can assist you to grasp some content of the course better, perform better in class, and even if you teach others, it will enable you explain complex concepts easier. To get a meeting with a Career Center agent it will allow to achieve my career objectives and also provide information on how to search for the job, how to prepare the resume, how to prepare for the interview and etc.This knowledge will assist them in reviewing the labor market, considering various occupations in the subject of interest, and identifying useful employment in the field of psychology that is aligned with their plans and professional objectives to achieve improved existence in the future.

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Bartlett, M. J., Arslan, F. N., Bankston, A., & Sarabipour, S. (2021). Ten simple rules to improve academic work-life balance. Public Library of Science Computational Biology, 17(7).


Leest, B., & Wolbers, M. H. J. (2020). Critical thinking, creativity and study results as predictors of selection for and successful completion of excellence programmes in Dutch higher education institutions. European Journal of Higher Education, 11(1), 29-43.



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