NURS FPX 6414 Assessment 1 Conference Poster Presentation

NURS FPX 6414 Assessment 1

NURS FPX 6414 Assessment 1


Citing a statistic that reveals 34 million candidates in the US have type 2 diabetes, the author underlines the high incidence of people with this disease to be a significant threat to healthcare workers. Hyperglycemia is the genesis of this issue, and this makes insulin so crucial in addressing this situation. The current study has suggested that it is worthwhile to use the Chronic Care Model (CCM) of Informatics in ensuring that those with type 2 diabetes are offered proper treatment. It is also for the same reason that this disease can be self-managed by people who are afflicted with it using this framework. This tends to increase hospital days, morbidity and mortality among patients due to episodes such as heart related complications. Also, it can be useful to determine body weight and manage the sugar levels in the blood according to this model. The study ensures that CHPL and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) assist doctors and nurses in improving the lives of people with type 2 diabetes and their health goals. Furthermore, studies carried out to establish the credibility of the CCM say that was designed to assist individuals with chronic conditions, like T2DM patients. This is the nice way to look after yourself and make sure of the things every day. This tool or structure indicates how it is possible to change the configuration of supplying health care in groups by making cooperation with other communities and healthcare systems easier and seamless. Also created in this time frame, it also integrates various components of disease management programmes to assist workers enhance and optimise key segments of the health system, including how care is delivered and the strategies used for supporting persons in self care. Therefore, the purpose of the model is to minimize wastage and ensure that optimal returns can be gotten from inputs and that service systems are well developed.

Quality Improvement Methods Used

A management of change represents one of the strategies for ensuring that Quality improvement paradigms are employed in order to get the wanted results when it comes to the control of type 2 diabetes (Froguel, 2020).

NURS FPX 6414 Assessment 1 Conference Poster Presentation

The figures illustrate that despite the advanced technology in use, the high prevalence of the type 2 diabetes is still seen as a concern that requires the Chronic care model (CCM). This was put into place to ensure that only those with chronic diseases receive the attention they deserve.

The example also illustrates how the nurses, patients, and other groups make up their mind to rearrange the context of health care. This plan is very important if one has to get the correct data or information to make community health services preferred places more so for care (Bonnefond, 2020).

 The Importance of Teamwork

The proportion with the health informatics model for the correct and optimum utilization of the model consequently makes it very crucial to synergistically collaborate. Nurse colleagues can implement their own thinking as well as the best practices as long as they have joined forces.

The following initiatives are important in the achieving of teamwork goals: The nurses, doctors, patients, and any other players in the business are to be encouraged to work in a team.

Evidence supporting QI Methods

The use of CGI started in the United States in the early 1990s. This model is known as the CCM and it seeks to enhance the approach to type two diabetes care in a number of ways by focusing on the health care system and assisting people together with self management and decision making, the delivery of care system design, and the effective usage of the clinical information system.

The plan also a achieves the wants of the community by so doing helping in proper utilization of resources.

NURS FPX 6414 Assessment 1

Knowledge Gaps and Unknowns

When with this model it means that health services can be utilized in a manner that is well coordinated and planned. The model is useful in trying to work towards greater fulfillment of the objectives of CCM by attaining better levels of results regarding how full and clear they can be.

From the literature review above, it can be seen that the current health system needs to assess whether the CCM can be applied to all people to determine if the CCM is applicable to all people in the present health system (Levy et al. , 2021).

Communication Quality Enhancement

In the report by, it was posited that the way groups communicate with the patients has to improve in order for the process to function as intended.

The quality of talk also assist the nurses, and other workers make the patients to complain and feel bad about themselves and also gain more confidence.

Indeed, type 2 diabetic education in practice is the claim the author brings up when arguing that if nurses can talk about type 2 diabetes better, they can advance in their jobs.

Interprofessional Team Benefits

Multiple connections between members of various professions are useful in several regards. Applied to change management the implication is that nurses require inter professional collaboration to provide drug-free interventions in parallel to utilizing drugs (Izzo et al. , 2021).  Besides, it is the most important factor to increase the level of care that members of the professional teams have to understand and build professional relationships.

Overall Project Benefits

However, miscommunication problems also have a devastating effect that causes service failures and again affect the proper type 2 diabetes chronic care. Therefore, an information system is inevitable to manage data of a large population, leading to new insights and the management of other essential tasks (Marks et al. , 2021).

Applying creative tools and informatics will be beneficial to all the employees and the clients.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure that nurses and other professionals receive proper training on diabetes type 2 informatics as well as the appropriate models to engender the required shift.

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