NURS FPX 5004 Assessment 2

NURS FPX 5004 Assessment 2

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April 2024
Lakeland Medical Clinic

Hello, Lynnette! Thank you for selecting me to speak to the clinicians regarding the diversity matters at the clinic of Lakeland. I am proud of your trust in my leadership capacity, and I am determined to oversee this project with extreme care and efficiency. Following, is the way I will be leading and working with other students, and who is the leader I want to model for this task.

In the modern world which is characterized with non-stop changes the leadership potential as well as the group work effectiveness are the cornerstones. As health care facilities aim to deliver the best possible care, to promote and to maintain diversity, and to confront any complicated challenges, the role that can stimulate, integrate and unite the teams towards the same goal is of paramount importance (Xu et al., 2020). Amid this context, leadership serves as a lynchpin for different teams when it engenders aimless deliberation, encourages innovation and creates room for change. This paper is a leadership profile used for applying as a project leader who will work in collaboration with a group of healthcare workers. Amongst the leadership theory principles and current organizational practice, we will study leadership traits that have proven to be effective in healthcare organizations and how their application to specific challenges can be accomplished (Ng et al, 2021). Moreover, we will address the significance of how teamwork and cooperation among interdisciplinary professionals could lead to such accomplishments, and enhance the organizational performance as well.

For the project envisioned to handle diversity challenges within a healthcare institution, the leadership roles needed are quite delicately done and critical. Primary among them is cultural competence, encompassing a thorough knowledge of different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and norms. Such a comprehension will allow the leader to efficiently avoid cultural barriers and to create trust and collaboration which will grow between employees from different backgrounds (Dreachslin et al., 2021). Not only that, empathy is also identified as the most important quality of the leader as he/she can connect with the individuals emotionally, listen to them, validate their experiences and create the environment of mutual respect and understanding (Hojat et al., 2020). Communication skills that work are considered to be desirable when it comes to being able to communicate the project’s needs, expectations, peculiarities or the reason behind it to stakeholders as well as facilitate dialogue between various groups of people. Flexibility and adaptability of this planning are fundamental, because of the dynamic character of the health sector and the need to change the strategy according to the changing problems and opportunities (Bishop & Scott, 2021). Also it’s crucial role of collaborative leadership approach which promote the team work, shared decision-taking and inclusive culture. Finally, stakeholders’ consensus can be reached using innovative solutions. Additionally, the application of inclusive leadership practices leads to the fact that all employees’ opinions are taken into account, and equality is promoted. Thus, the organization can efficiently implement diversity, equity, and inclusion policies that will make a positive impact on both the workforce and the community.

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The leadership skills that I exhibit myself and what healthcare leaders demonstrate do share some commonalities, but in some areas, the differences may be specific to certain settings. For example, we – healthcare leaders and I – put cultural competence among the top competencies of good leadership. For instance, just like Dr. Jane Smith, who is determined to learn how to be more culturally competent, I also seek to improve my exposure to different cultural backgrounds through attending workshops. Noteworthy is that communication skills are critical in both settings and leaders such as Dr. Michael Johnson and myself accentuate clarity and transparency as this is crucial for teamwork and trust (St.Pierre et al., 2020). Therefore, even though Nurse Maria exhibits empathy by displaying queyr compassion to patients and coworkers, I in turn strive to emulate this virtue by virtually listening to my team members and discussing every concern with them in an understanding and supportive manner (Hoja et al., 2020). Similarly I hold the trait of adaptability, being adaptive in finding the solution necessary for the current project requirements under dynamic environment as portrayed by Dr. David Chang (Bishop & Scott, 2021). These cases illustrate that these competencies of the essential leadership skills such as cultural competence, communication skills, a sense of empathy, and adaptability apply not only in health leadership but do somehow in other contexts as well. Over time by the reflection and development, I aspire to have my leadership competences closer to the good practices of healthcare leadership to bring about the beneficial outcomes in my leading roles.

NURS FPX 5004 Assessment 2 Leadership and Collaboration

As a project director who is responsible to solve the diversity problems in the healthcare center, my job is complex, the key feature of which is solid theoretical knowledge about leadership aspects and management tools. The overall leadership style is a creative one, which I borrowed from the transformational leadership model. It contains the following dimensions. First, given that the position involves influencing the organization’s activities, I, as a leader, should be the one to set a definitive goal for the project, which will include its objectives, strategies, and the outcomes desired, and these, in turn, need to be in harmony with the organization’s mission and values. Through encouraging and motivating team members by effective communication and integral recognition of their contributions, I target to create the proper environment that fosters team-work and enthusiasm among team members and a drive to attain our common vision. Concurrently, I recognize that specific competences, necessities, and motives of team members should be addressed individually, with each one provided with an individualized mentorship, education, and support of their own granting them the opportunity to attain their highest decorated individuality. Besides, I stimulate mental activity, individual ideas, and creativity among employees by giving speculations, vivid experiments and creating never-ending education culture. At last, as an initiator, I make by making sure that I lead by example. In that due mode, team members and stakeholders can identify with the inclusivity, cultural adaptability, and empathy that I approach every interaction with. Additionally, since these affect my tone and give a positive image, I inspire other to follow the footpath (Avolio & Gardner, 2021). These approaches will be backed up by academic sources on transformational leadership. With this knowledge, I will be able to effectively lead the team in dealing with the racism issues in our healthcare facility in an attempt to pass on a positive change.

NURS FPX 5004 Assessment 2

Building effective collaboration that groups of professionals investigating the matter of diversity within the walls of a healthcare facility rely on includes developing the many-faced scheme that fits each group’s specificity. To begin with, by defining precise goals and objectives the team will have the same vision due to this every member will be able to see their tasks and duties. Additionally, developing the open communication channels is the way to facilitate unimpeded sharing of ideas and grievances which help for the teach-and-learn process and the information exchange (Xu et al., 2020). Providing the appropriate psychological safety for the team members, the environment is created in which people can showcase their opinions, thoughts and feelings without any fear of negative judgment by others. By practicing diversity and inclusion, people feel appreciated as well as their distinct and unique views, and therefore they will be stimulated to actively think and come out with innovative ideas. Furthermore, establishing interdisciplinary team collaboration will help the team to take the advantage of the diverse expertise they posses and develop more holistic solutions (Ng et al., 2021). Having the line of authority makes the team deal with less confusions as well as other members could learn from one another across specific field and help the group to be more productive while ensuring the job of professional growth (Hughes et al., 2020). The use of shared platforms in which communication and teamwork are easy, especially among those who are working at a distance (St. Pierre et al., 2020) is where collaborative technologies might be implemented. Through the implementation of these combination strategies, the members of the healthcare team are empowered with the ability to effectively partner up together and solve the problems of diversity, which enhances the outcomes for both the staff and the community in general.

Effective leadership and collaboration are constitutive parts that guarantee a proper success in confronting diversity problems within a healthcare facility. The professing of transparent leadership behavior accompanied with different collaboration methods can be used to create work system which no one is left behind, is inclusive and uplifts creativity. Through the creation of specific goals, communication regulations, and the embrace of diversity preferences, the healthcare staff could develop comprehensive solutions that considerably improve the results concerning the well-being of the employees and the community. The other critical point is the deployment of knowledge and skill acquisition as well as collaboration among the team members which help in improving the team’s performance and adaptability. To sum up, applying these kinds of methodologies can bring about a culture of partnership and a drive for continuous improvement that will keep on being the core of progress toward a world of parity and equity.


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