NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic Plan Development

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Health nurses develop strategic plans that give a structure to nursing objectives to merge with company goals. Nurses use their expertise to appraise the existing processes, identify areas that need improvement and develop measures to improve patient care, safety, and outcomes. It entails data appraisal, multi-disciplinary team work, priority setting and evidence based methodologies for the improvement of healthcare delivery. Strategic planning plays an important role in empowering nurses to shape the future of healthcare delivery and to support the development of patient-centered care (Wright, 2020). The strategic plan development will focus on the emergency department of Mount Sinai Hospital. I will present the company’s strategic plan that identifies the department’s key objectives. I would like to design a balanced scorecard for the department and analyze the impact of design elements of the organizational policies on the strategic objectives of the emergency department.

Departmental Strategic Priorities

Strategic priorities at the Mount Sinai Hospital Emergency Department are in line with Sinai Health’s broader strategic plan, concentrating on advancing discovery, improving excellence in care, improving performance, and nurturing a caring and inclusive culture (Sinai Health, 2022). Economically, the department will enhance care and performance for maximum resource utilization to be sustainable and motivate future investment. It includes efforts to enhance operational performance, optimize funding, and expand select areas of specialization in accordance with provincial directions. Feasibility is determined by departmental goals, resource constraints and the setting of specific targets within a specified timeframe.

When it comes to customer focus, the division will emphasize quality, and coordination of care and service. Feasible initiatives include improving patient-centered care pathways for populations with unique needs, using patient-reported outcome measures for quality improvement, and partnering with system partners to improve care delivery across the continuum. All these efforts are critical in promoting that care be highly valued in patients and Sinai Health lead as a trusted leader (Sinai Health, 2022).

In an internal sense, the department will focus on learning and development which coincides with the firm’s mission of promoting discovery and education in care science. Possible actions include investment in science, education, and innovations, creating a learning environment that attracts and retaining, and recruiting the best staff (Todić et al. , 2022). These programmes help in staff development, promotes culture of continuous improvement and also helps in making the department as a center of excellence.

Thirdly, creating a caring and inclusive culture is significant as this helps to develop an environment of hospitality in which all employees are treated with respect and a sense of belonging. Achievable strategies include activating Sinai Health’s People Plan, assuring psychological and physical safety, and co-designing care environments that are sustainable with patients and staff (Sinai Health, 2022). Such initiatives support staff welfare, patient satisfaction, and organi9sational robustness. Promote staff involvement in research initiatives, support publication, and create a partnership with academic institutions.

Overall, the strategic priorities of the department serve as critical points in the progression of the department’s mission within the broader strategic plan framework of Sinai Health. When these priorities are in line with departmental goals and resources and have specific timelines, they are viable and are aimed at department’s general success in providing excellent care and services.

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3

Effects of Organizational Policies

Operational policies that are already in place in the hospital can have a tremendous effect on the strategic priorities of the department in Mount Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Department. Resource allocation, procurement, and decision-making policies either support or inhibit the realization of strategic goals. Such limitations include budgetary constraints or procurement policies that may prohibit the department from investing in needed technology or staff training thus preventing the department from improving the quality of care and performance optimization. Likewise, the bureaucratic processes of decision-making can postpone the operationalization of revolutionary initiatives intended to enhance the science of care (RICH, 2022).

On the other hand, patient-centered care, teamwork, and ongoing improvement policies can help the department achieve its strategic objectives. By way of illustration, policies allowing front-line staff to make decisions and participate in quality improvement initiatives will strengthen internal processes and promote an innovative culture. Interdisciplinary teamwork and knowledge sharing can support the initiatives of integration of care and service excellence as well (Engle et al.  , 2021).

All in all, the impact of organizational policies on departmental strategic priorities is determined by how these policies align with the hospital’s core objectives and values. Through an appraisal and possible re-adjustment of current policies, the Emergency Department can eliminate barriers and seize opportunities for success.


All in all, the strategic planning process implemented for the Emergency Department of Mount Sinai Hospital provides a list of clear priorities that pass the test of Sinai Health’s larger picture. The department’s goal is to provide superior patient care and towards the overall success of the organization by emphasis on promotion of discovery, sponsoring excellence in care, optimizing performance, and cultivating a caring culture. With a dedication to continual assessment and modification, the department is poised to attain its objectives and have a substantial impact on healthcare delivery.

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Appendix A

  •  Organization Balanced Scorecard

Objective Performance Metric Benchmark Target Initiative
Financial Stability Financial health and improving the effectiveness Get more money and lower the cost of service. – Create long-term plans for financial viability, capital, and long-term cash flow.
– Procurement redesign is among the Finance Integration and Transformation project goals achievements.
Customer Satisfaction Partner happiness and customer satisfaction The highest scores for happiness – Improve integrated treatment for people who need skilled or difficult care.
– Work alongside other people in the system to enhance care in the neighborhood and all along the care the radio spectrum. Patients should be asked to rate their interactions and results (PROMs and PREMs).
Internal Process Optimization Quality improvement plan, practical steps Always getting better – Make a plan for improving quality over a number of years.
– Set your sights on smart investments in digital assets and healthcare analytics
Learning and Growth Staff instruction, study projects, and involvement The best places to learn and do studies – Move forward with the Institute for the Science of Care and Innovation at Sinai Health and open it.
– Renew and protect the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute. Set “Look and Feel” standards for healing places that will last and are safe.

Appendix B

  • Emergency Department Balanced Scorecard

Objective Performance Metric Benchmark Target Initiative
Financial Stability Rate of Using Resources Make it 10% bigger – Embark on actions aimed at enhancing organizational efficacy. Utilize the financial opportunities. Enhance sub sectors within sub sectors that are of importance to the province.
Customer Satisfaction Outcome measures given by patients Get 90% of customers happy. – Improve integrated care pathways for special needs. Utilize  patient-reported outcome measures in enhancing quality of service. Co-operate with the system partners for better care delivery.
Internal Process Optimization Spending on research and new ideas Add 15% more. – Spend in research, education, and innovation. Develop a learning setting of preference. Attract top talent
Learning and Growth Rate of Staff Development Participation Add 20% more. To stimulate the involvement of the personnel into research projects. Provide resources for publication. Nurture partnership with academic allies.

Appendix C

  • Organization and Department-Aligned Mission

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic Plan Development

Appendix D

  • Balanced Scorecard Aligned

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic Plan Development

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