NURS FPX 9100 Assessment 5 Virtual Check-in 2

NURS FPX 9100 Assessment 5

NURS FPX 9100 Assessment 5

Virtual Check-In

The video check-in was mostly about the progress of a certain health care project. Student, the preceptor and the professor joined the video check-in. This meant that there was supporting evidence to support the contention that EHR-based alerts indeed assisted in increasing attendance.

In addition to that, the teacher said that I should not use complex phrasing, should not start sentences with words like ‘it is,’ ‘there are,’ and ‘this paper,’ I should follow APA style, and the evidence should be the main guide of the project. The prime objective was to achieve 27.

Six percent of people vaccinated with the healthcare worker fight flu tools. The teacher stressed the importance of explaining to the students how the result measure would be assessed and to use simple language. As for the sharing of papers, there might be some technical issues, but the focus returns to the project.

There are guidelines on how the plan is to be filled out with a reminder that language used should be simple and the meanings of measurements should be well understood. The final sentences of the work mostly included thanks and supporting messages to each other, which is a proof of the group collaboration. This was easy to interact with because the check-in process was fast, the people were nice and appeared willing to assist.

Reflection on Progress and Learner-Led Communication

Many changes were discussed on the plan during the virtual check-in. The session provided all the proof that was needed to show that there was no adequate practice at the project site, the compliance rate was very low compared to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended standards.

The review of the prior works provided sufficient grounds to support the hypothesis that the EHR system prompts will assist people to adhere to their plans (Wijesundara et al. , 2020). It outlined the project and made it even more critical to execute the proposed project activities.

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The discussion in the virtual check in was positive and centred on the learners themselves. Some notes from the teacher included some comments on the language used in some parts of the charter, style that was used namely APA, and ensuring that there is enough evidence to support the project.

The part that was most helpful was the instructor’s emphasis on how the result measure would be evaluated or measured; it helped me reflect more on the evaluation process. The teacher ensured that there was fluid communication with regards to progress, issues and questions even in the absence of the supervisor.

The teacher was always willing to assist, sometimes even if it wasn’t the scheduled time, and the contact was also excellent. The check-in made the students to become aware that they are in a group, hence they gained the confidence to take charge of their learning and projects.
The questions include

  1. Does the idea need more research?
  2. What changes should be made for APA style?

NURS FPX 9100 Assessment 5

Reflection on Addressing Uncertainties and Plans

During the virtual check-in the participants had a possibility to discuss several questions related to the concept of a charter. The first concern was how the group would be able to come up with sufficient data for the project.

However, more literature review was conducted and a lot of supporting information was found that not only supported the suggested solutions but also revealed that there is a practice gap at the project site. I liked that the teacher knew how to ensure that proof was guiding the project. It meant that the study was progressing in the right manner and in the right direction.

The exact toolkit that was being used for the project was spelled out: the healthcare worker fight flu toolkit and the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Confirmation was useful in refining the work and ensuring that the interventions that were to be used were in the right tools as per WHO guidelines.

NURS FPX 9100 Assessment 5 Virtual Check-in 2

The teacher proposed to revisit the plan and make sure that every aspect of it is well understood and that there are no misunderstandings before submitting it. As the part of the review, it would be explained in detail how the end measure, which is a 27.

Learner who enrolled in institutions with a 6% vaccine compliance rate as a datum, would be tested or reviewed. The teacher emphasized the need of keeping things simple and to the point when passing out information. The way of filling in the charter can be improved with the help of the teacher and understanding the nature of assessments. It will be obvious.

The teacher was friendly enough to assist the students with any queries or concerns they had at the end of the plan. The ongoing help will be quite helpful in answering any questions that may arise and in ensuring the plan is all set to be submitted.


Virtual check-in demonstrated the evolution of the project within the hospital environment. From the discussions it was evident that EHR based alerts enhance attendance which is crucial in the new agenda of vaccinating 27 percent of the population.

The positive feedback could be made via peers, mainly on the content, wording and proof of the charter. To avoid confusion the teacher’s direction and constant help brings the plan the direction and the growth it requires. It also ensures that learning is mutual or shared and extremely constructive.

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